• ifa


    EUROIMMUN - patented modern Biochip™, biochips Mosaics™, EUROPLUS™ technology and TITERPLANE™ incubation equipment, which is designed for indirect immunofluorescence.

  • blot


    EUROIMMUN EUROLINE, EUROLINE-Western Blot, Western Blot: a new method for an antibody profile investigation - a reliable solution for both small and large laboratory.

  • euro-array

    Euro array

    EUROIMMUN EUROArray is a genetic diagnostic method, the entire mechanism - CE certified. The method is based on Biochip™ technology and TITERPLANE™ incubation technique.

  • elisa


    EUROIMMUN ELISA is a simple, fast and inexpensive method, which is suitable for all commercially available ELISA microplate analyzers, scanners and scrubbers.

  • automatisation


    Choose perfect EUROIMMUN devices and automatization software for incubation and evaluation and "Dímuna" will ensure their smooth operation.

  • external-quality-program

    External Quality Program

    This is a great opportunity to periodically evaluate your laboratory tests carried out in accuracy. Constant participation EUROIMMUN PD will help to avoid mistakes.